My husband Andrew, who began this blog in October 2007, died peacefully on September 3rd 2012, at the age of 83, after long and well-controlled illness culminating in a sudden, brief decline. I'll be posting pieces of his life writing and autobiographical reminiscences to his other blog, The Game of Life. This blog will be used for other material relevant to Andrew, beginning with the wonderful tributes to him which poured in after his death, both by email and on facebook. At some point this blog will become an archive, without further additions.— Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Monday, 2 September 2013

Email tributes to Andrew after his death


Dear Rosemary,

So sorry to hear about
 Andrew's departure.  He was a good man and will be missed.

Lots of love to you.
Irene and Robert


Hi Rosemary,

I knew when we met you guys last xmas it was the last time I would see Andrew, it was nice to be able to say goodbye. He was one of the most generous, compassionate, and caring individuals I have ever met.

Our heartfelt condolences
Ruth & Des xxxxx 


Dear Rosemary,

So sorry for your loss, but also so glad to read that Andrew passed so peacefully and that you were able to be with him till the very end.
I’m glad I was able to meet him; you clearly had a wonderful, loving marriage, and he was clearly a wonderful man.
Much love
Liz xxxx


My Dear Rosemary
My impression of Andrew through our writing group was an extremely gentle man, more highly evolved than many. I am so glad he slipped away peacefully.
My thoughts are with you both.
Warm Regards


Dear Rosemary,
Sorry to hear of your loss. You are right, Andrew touched a lot of people in his life in a special way. It is heart warming to hear of such a peaceful passing. 



Andrew has contributed to so many, and like a ripple in a pond his
legacy will continue in so many ways we will never fully know.

Jo Heriot 


He was a lovely man and an inspiration to many including me. I loved his ‘no bullshit’ approach to tasks and his writing was elegant and very readable. Many of us will miss him.

Lots and lots of love at this difficult time

Your old friend Hoppy


To dear Rosemary
I am sorry to read today that
 Andrew has gone.  As you have said, he will be missed by many whom he has touched in this life.  I will remember him as we talked for hours on the image Andrew had of "putting things right".  He was a blessed man too as he had 20 years with you in his life, as you were blessed having him in your life.
All my love and prayers are with you at this time.

Margo Bunt 


Dearest Rosemary,

My deepest love and warmth comes to you at this time. The love between yourself and Andrew was lovely to be around and of course I love that you both shared my home in the mountains of the Tweed.

Sharon x 


Dear Rosemary
We were sorry to hear that
 Andrew had finally slipped away but pleased that he had obviously been at peace and with people around him he loved and who loved him.
It must have been wonderful to have spent 20 years with
 Andrew and to have felt so blessed.  We remember well the few times we spent time with you both - both in Australia and on our trip round the UK.  Andrew was always so curious and interested in things and enjoyed exploring both people and places.
You will always have those wonderful memories and we hope they will sustain you during the coming weeks.
With all our love.
Willem and Sue


dearest Rosemary,  thank you so much for your tender e-mail letting me know about andrew's departure. my heart is with you as you grieve your loss and celebrate his wonderful life. all of us who love him, miss him and cherish our sharing time with him, especially for me having seen him recently and being with you both.
the angels are celebrating his arrival as he ventures forward on his next big adventure.

Jo Rawson


As we both know our dear
 Andrew is not gone...and know he has transitioned beautifully.

As you probably know it was/is a bit of a toss up who was more in awe of whom when it came to Andrew’s and my ongoing bucket list achievements. I loved the way he would always immerse himself smack bang in the centre of what was cutting edge spiritually.... whether his consciousness could catch up or not. For that I will always smile and say well done Andrew, you really lived your life as Carpe Diem!

Raeline Brady


Hi Rosemary. We are saddened to hear that Andrew has gone. We are grateful that at least he could go in peace and with dignity. Although we never met him over those many years I'm sure that if we had we would, from all I've heard in that time, have been good mates. Our thoughts are with you and his family.
Jim & Joy.


Hi Rosemary
Ros and I are extremely saddened by Andrew’s passing but we know that you will be celebrating Andrew’s life forever.

He certainly was a mentor to many.

love and blessings to you Roger & Rosslyn


The world is now one very loving human being less, with the departure of Andrew from our midst.

Words fail me, to bring you comfort at this time of such a HUGE loss, especially as he is/was SUCH a loving man. Love SHONE out of his eyes, EVERY time I saw him.

Margie Moore 


Dear Rosemary,
Sadness of Andrews passing.
The small time I knew him I found him a gentle man, with an amazing sense of humour.
Andrew's blue eyes would twinkle to suggest there was a secret he knew that no else did. Andrew was interested in what I had to say in writing and gave generously his time and opinion.
A gentleman that this world is sorry to lose yet a pleasure to have met.
My thoughts are with you, and his children
Regards Jan Busch


This is beautiful, he has left in a beautiful way. All worlds are here, he has just begun to see them as he moves to the next dimension. Love be with you, as his physical leaves his spirit remains. My hand is in yours and my heart sending love and peace.

My love to you in this time and the knowing that Andrew touched my and Tom’s hearts deeply. Love and peace be with you always

— Neena and Tom


          We are so sad to hear of Andrew' s  passing away. We will miss his adventurous  inquiring spirit ,his cheerful voice  and fond friendship. Thank you for sharing so eloquently all the warm and challenging moments you shared with him. I can relate as I have just spent 2 weeks  at my Mum's bedside last month. We hold you in our love and thoughts as you face all the changes ahead.  I look forward to reading Andrew's "Jorell" story to our grand children one day while remembering the inspiration that achievement was, to go for your goals no matter what age! We also admire his contribution to youth through the Discovery course. We will miss him dearly .
Much Love,
             Leanne  and Ian 


Dear Rosemary

We have just heard the sad news from Esther in Strathaven. Our sincere condolences.

Andrew and I communicated occasionally about the family tree between about 2005 and 2007.

You may or may not know that
 Andrew's father Stuart was a brother to (Swire) Bernard Wade, who was my grandfather. Bernard's son Stuart was my father.

Our elder daughter Helen lives in Auckland, and has three children. We visit her as often as we can, but have not yet ventured as far as Australia. Perhaps we will make it next time.

Very best wishes to you and your family.

Ian and Margaret Wade


I am so upset. Andrew was as you say a very special person. Such a beautiful sincere smile.  That is the memory he has left me. 
— Jan Howe


Dear Rosemary, thank you for your email regarding Andrew's death & please accept our deepest condolences. We are pleased that he did not suffer a prolonged illness & that his end was peaceful & without pain.

We keep in touch with Ian & Margaret Wade & Ian had let me know of Andrews demise a couple of days ago, but he obviously did not know of any details at the time.

My paternal great grandfather was Robert Wade, hence the family connection.

Please pass on our commiserations to the other members of the family. We are sure that he will be sadly missed by all.

Kindest regards
Stuart & Barbara Banks


I think of you and Andrew every day and my thoughts are loving. 
— Maggie Good


Margie said...

Rosemary, I am so sorry for the loss of your husband Andrew.
May his memory always be a blessing.

Some lovely tributes to Andrew here.

Peace to you!


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