My husband Andrew, who began this blog in October 2007, died peacefully on September 3rd 2012, at the age of 83, after long and well-controlled illness culminating in a sudden, brief decline. I'll be posting pieces of his life writing and autobiographical reminiscences to his other blog, The Game of Life. This blog will be used for other material relevant to Andrew, beginning with the wonderful tributes to him which poured in after his death, both by email and on facebook. At some point this blog will become an archive, without further additions.— Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Journey to the Centre of the Universe

An interview with OMNI
by Andrew Wade
Omni is an Australian master of metaphysics and shamanic abilities who achieved her enlightenment over several years of inner training during the 1980s. She was visited by five significant teachers from different countries, who, through their visions and dreams were guided to Australia to find her and impart their wisdom. She later spent more years in spiritual retreat to expand her own knowing.

Omni is currently delivering a series of monthly lectures in Murwillumbah, NSW, which began in November, discussing among other things global situations which affect us all.

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The Interview

Andrew: Can you explain to me how you know so much about the books of the Bible, and especially Revelations? What you explain in your lectures covers an incredible amount of information.

I have already begun writing my book explaining the codes, and it is nowhere near finished
at this time. It is a huge responsibility to bring that esoteric language back into the layman’s terminology, where his inner knowledge lies.

I would like to bring that hidden language back into a readable language appropriate to the scholar of today. It was originally written by the metaphysicians of the time, who reigned as the High Priests in Egypt and other advanced lands. These men and women were scholastically trained in the secrets of the esoteric language through special language schools. It was appropriate that it was recorded in that way at that time.

It is a realm of intelligence that is beyond our normal
reality. It explains the wisdom in how we speak. In other words, it is explaining the story behind the story. Every story that has ever been written is explaining the journey of the evolution of man. The myths of the Bible are identical to the other myths of the past. All of these stories are explained to us metaphorically.

These priests were the elders of their family tribe and they were chosen to advance their knowledge further, into accessing and accepting the information recorded in their collective minds. More importantly, they would bring the information from their inner intelligence back to those who were less aware of themselves. This is why we still have difficulties understanding the written word in this great book that was compiled thousands of years ago.

It explains the spiritual quest and is written in a language that is beyond our third-dimensional reality. It is explaining to the reader the day-to-day journal of the hidden codes in regard to understanding the language of our soul. We have named this the spiritual journey, for those people who have made the commitment to go on with advancing their intelligence. My previously written books all explain the rites of passage by which we can ascend into and connect with the collective consciousness. We have named this God.

Every one of us has already received all the information regarding evolution. It is naturally passed on from the previous generation to the next, and is what we perceive as the light in our cells. Our inner light is our intelligence. In other words it is our Life Force. We have all been given this opportunity to evolve into a clearer understanding of our unconscious mind. The unconscious mind holds every thought we think. More importantly, it holds every recorded message from any species in our evolution, since the beginning of time.

So this is where I am bringing this unconscious attitude or language back to the common man,
to inspire him to understand what all this inner script, or scripture, is explaining to us regarding the Angels. The Angels are here to help us understand our negativity, and how quickly we can fall into the bottomless pit when we are feeling low. We appear to have been pushed into it, not realizing that we guided ourselves right to edge, and then we had to find the inner strength to claw our own way out, back up to the surface. Most of us have great difficulty accepting that this language explains the world of our fear. The Egyptians refer to it as the "Journey through the Netherworld."

Seven years of isolation

There were seven long years of research into the understanding of this hidden language. In the beginning I had to be in isolation so as to bring the metaphysical language together. I could not have accomplished what I had to do by being with others at this time. I went into worlds within worlds. I had to stay there until I had brought through the correct resonance, as it was brought together in the first time. To attain these extra intellectual worlds, I was pushed into the darkness of the netherworlds.

How did you begin to understand this hidden language?

My teacher at the time asked me to read the Bible backwards. At first this was a shock to my system. I wondered whe
re I was going with my thinking; it seemed that I was reversing my knowledge, and I wondered how this could help me understand the Bible.

My mind had already opened up, into what we refer to as the unconscious energy, over the previous four years of being trained in the Shamanic Principles. I had to accomplish this hidden language first, to be able to see through everything instead of just looking at it. So, I started in Chapter 22 and began to read. I soon came to realise that I was releasing something that was extremely important, and that I was definitely onto something.

Andrew: So this was the reasoning behind the seven years of devoted study?

It was through the information in the Bible that I began to realise the familiarities in the written stories of mythology – the Greek, the Aramaic, the Chinese, the Mayan, etc. – which all lead back to the old Egyptian empire. And guess what! It is all exactly the same story. Only the names have been changed. (Haven’t we heard this sentence before?)

A doorway

I had just passed the "all clear" on my cancer that I had in the early seventies. This was through three bright lights flashing over a paddock – and no, I did not know who they were. My husband and family went over to see what was going on, and when they came near the lights, they lifted up into the trees and flew over the mountain to the back of our property. I knew that I was going to be OK. That was the doorway into my next evolution. It was like a rebirth. Some turn to religion, others turn to whichever way they want to evolve. Me? I gained a thirst for knowledge. I wanted to improve my home and make it magnificent. I had a thirst to accomplish floral art, calligraphy, pottery, cake decorating and indoor gardening, and then both exterior and interior design, and the list went on and on.

I wanted to achieve all of the things that I never seemed to have time for. I went to the outback women's courses and passed them all with flying colors. I was proud of myself, and of the accomplishment of not having any more cancer.

Then my daughter became engaged, and the lights came back again the night of her engagement party. We had 128 people in the local hall, which was a couple of kilometres away from our homestead. You could see the homestead in the distance, with the blue lights bobbing up and down over the roof. So my husband and a neighbour, who had a property the other side o
f us, drove down; and the moment they drove into the yard, the lights lifted up and flew over the hill. Then they came back and started dancing in the sky to the orchestra that we had playing in the hall!

I remember thinking to myself, as we all watched this display, "I don't know who you are or what you are, but I know that I want to thank you for releasing me from the cancer."

Another life change

Again my life changed and this time I began thirsting after education. So, step by step, I moved into studying other subjects, which gave me a sense of importance. I studied Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine and Chinese Medicine. Then I moved towards the healing arts: NLP, Kinesiology, Reiki, Philophonetics … and again the list went on and on. Absorbing all of this information released my inner intellect and I found that I was answering everyone’s questions.

I studied and absorbed everything that I could lay my hands on. Everything was starting to collect, and more importantly add up. I felt like somebody was pushing me in the back to go forward. I realised my mind was mathematically collecting itself. When we feel we have reached the peak of our own perfection, our unconscious mind releases more wisdom.
You can read all of my experiences in my books, which are for sale through my web page. There are ten books, which together provide a step by step guide for you to attain your enlightenment.

This area of our mind is what the majority of people don't want to understand. They are making surmises about what the unconscious mind is. The unconscious mind is our Higher Self. It's our messenger, or our deliverer. It's our guardian angel. I know I've got a guardian angel; it looks after me all the time. You also have a guardian angel, Andrew. Every human being has one; it is formed through all of your energy multiplying and coming together, via every thought you have.

Total change

Andrew: Did you return to the life you once had?

Omni: My life had changed totally. There was no turning back. My family noticed the changes in my lifestyle, and I became the healer. It gave me a peaceful feeling inside, which I had never experienced before. My grandmother was an alchemist at the turn of the century, and my father had been a healer ever since he was 16. There was no way I was going to walk away from my newfound courage and strength.

My marriage began to disintegrate. We had, and still have, a tremendous amount of respect for one another. However the difficulties in our conversations were getting worse, and I courageously found the strength to walk away to begin my training, after 32 years of marriage.
In a coma

The next thing I know, I'm in hospital and in a coma. It was just sheer exhaustion. I couldn't get my mind right and I thought that my stress was caused by all of the studying and research that I had been doing, into subjects that I had never even known about before.

As I was waking up I could feel someone slapping my face. It was as though I had been in a very deep sleep, and I really had to pull myself back into my awareness. I opened my eyes and there was a Chinese lady looking down at me.

"Good morning, do you know your name?" she said to me. My thoughts were, "Oh wow, I'm still here!" And she said, "
You're still where?"

"In China … I've been talking with all of these wonderful people, learning and learning!!" and I began to prattle on to this doctor, when she finally interrupted my train of thought with, "Whoa, whoa, whoa."

My doctor was away on leave that weekend and she had come up to substitute for him. She said to me, "Look, first of all, before you continue on with your story, what's your name? How old are you? Where do you live? Do you work?"

"Yes, I'm that age, I live here, that's when I was born and I own that restaurant just down the road there!"

She said, "I'll come back and see how you are later, just rest

About two hours later she came back. She said, "What we have found out is that you are a diabetic."

I replied to her, "No, my mother was one and my grandmother was one, but I'm not having anything to do with it."

She said, "You don’t understand, you have sugar diabetes."

I replied, "Good, then I will freely pass it on to somebody else, because I haven't got time to have sugar diabetes! It's not going to become a hindrance to me."

And I was thinking to myself, "Just listen to the way I'm speaking to this doctor; you ought to be ashamed of yourself!" Something had drastically changed with my thinking.

Over the next few months I devotedly pricked my fingers, read my sugar levels and learned to study my thoughts and in what direction they were leading me. My food habits changed for the better and I firmly believed that the diabetes would release its hold over me. And of course, over time, through my training in understanding the power of thought, my disease disappeared forever.

Then she informed me that she was writing a
book, and asked me to explain why I thought I was in China.

I replied, "Oh yes…" and I started to rattle on and talk and talk and talk. It was as if my whole mind had opened up into the Collective, and there we were having this wonderful two-hour conversation while she was writing everything down. She called it a near-death experience.

After I went back to the restaurant I realised I could not lie to myself any longer. I began to concentrate more on myself, and my life totally changed, and that's when my teachers stepped in.

There were five of them. The first one came from an Indian tribe in America. He came to my house and informed me that I had been selected through the cosmic laws to become an Apostle to study the Shamanic Kingdoms. He gave me some stones and also gave me my first name, "White Feather".

I said, "That's nice. Thank you very much." And he left. It seemed to be over before it began. I did not know what he was talking about, but as time moved on my inner journey began.

I became more entrenched in my journey, where different teachers came into my life and gave me their wisdom, and each time I was given a new name. This metaphor of intelligence went on, to where I was given 99 names, before I became Omni many years ago. The more I opened up the codes of the Bible and also the mythical references, the more difficult my name became. I was earning, as well as learning, the hidden languages of the Sacred Alphabet.

The more I accepted what was placed in front of me, the more my intellect opened up.

Always remember, Andrew, when you request help or when you need assistance, the Universe always puts the right person in front of you, right on your doorstep. I found this exceedingly hard to understand, and more importantly to accept, as I was not used to this way of life. It was all brand new.

If I had a puncture, I had to wait on the side of the road until the next car came along to give me a hand. I could be driving along the road for hours without another car in sight. Yet, if I had a blowout, within two minutes another car would come along; it was amazing. I never had to wait long. While I was waiting I had to work out in my mind how my train of thought had attracted that puncture. Where had I gone wrong with my thinking? I had to find the answer before a car came into sight and pulled up beside me. I can relate thousands of stories regarding our thinking behaviour, and how we are all connected to the collective consciousness. I used to think I was so lucky that things worked for me the way they do. Then much later I began to realise that there is a program, and I wanted to know all of this information. It is now mine, I have earned it, and it is with gratitude that I talk my walk and walk my talk.

So that's the nine years. As the teachers came in, they each fortified me with what they had learnt. They were all connected to the metaphysical world. They were philosophers, and were very important people.

They travelled the world explaining their wisdom. They explained to me that I have been programmed to live this life. It was just the mathematics of my family lineage, and the improvements we had made to t
he original cast, that were mathematically coming together. This, we now understand, is our intellectual DNA adding up through the mathematics of the collective mind. That's our program. As our thinking exalts itself, the next step appears before us. Don’t sit down on your intelligence; stand up and be accountable to yourself. Believe in you, and watch how you are helped with every thought you think!

A nine-year apprenticeship

I had finished this nine-year apprenticeship, full of information regarding the game that humanity plays with itself. My thoughts were coming thick and fast, ‘What am I going to do with all of this information? Do I write a book? Do I talk?’ I didn't know what to do.

I sat and thought for a while. All of the time I was reviewing my intellect, and realis
ed there wasn’t much that I didn’t know! The laws of my universe and the Universal Law had all come together. I felt safe in my own arms, and complete.

There are now millions of Australians on this journey, and more millions around this wonderful planet we call home, and all are into the alternative way of healing. Little groups are popping up everywhere.

At that time in my journey a woman wrote me a letter and asked if she could manage me. So here was my future being presented to me once again; I had asked myself a
question and I received an answer. So I moved down to Sydney and I lectured around Australia. I spoke to thousands of Australians, from the child who wanted to know more about himself to the housewife who wanted to know when things would change in her life, through the business sector concerned with earning money, right up to the Government. They all wanted to know if I could explain to them what was going on.

I did this for years and was permanently living out of a suitcase. Then came the time when I decided that I'd had enough. ‘Am I here for everybody else's benefit? Where is the time to benefit myself?’ I was getting tired, becoming exhausted again, and I wondered if I wanted my previous illnesses returning! I could never give up on myself, so I chose to rearrange my thinking and continue on.

Germany calling

Andrew: How were you invited to Europe?

I received an email from a professor at a university in Germany, asking me to explain the spirituality of Aboriginal lore. I wrote back explaining that I had studied their principles and I asked him to send me over a couple of his questions.

So at night when I was answering my emails there would be one fro
m Germany. I would put it on Reply and type my little message and send it to him. And our messages became longer and longer over the next couple of weeks. And I thought, 'WOW, he does have fantastic questions!' He had an inquiring mind. And I realised it was good that I'd done the eighteen months in the outback with the Aborigines, when they had explained their spirituality to me.

Then he asked me if he could come over to Australia and sit with me for three weeks, and could he please travel with me.

I said, "Yes, please come over. I'll give you two weeks of my time, not three."

The day came when he arrived and settled in. He was fascinated that I was invited to all of these groups around Australia. We would travel here to conduct an hour’s meditation, and then I would have to travel there and do a lecture. I would sometimes have to travel six hours into the bush to conduct a weekend seminar, and all the time the professor was running with me all the way.

He could not believe the way I released my understanding of philosophy, religion and mythology. He kept on repeating to me, "You never seem to run out of words to say and yet you speak so totally differently to everyone you meet." I replied, "There's
only one story Sir, whether it be the Holy Bible which was re-interpreted from Greek mythology, the Greek mythology re-interpreted from Egyptian philosophy, or the Egyptian philosophies which came through from the Aramaic. It's been a step by step by step discovery of the self. It didn't all just happen overnight."

He was totally exhausted after two weeks and needed a holiday, so he took himself off to the Great Barrier Reef and rested for his last seven days. Before he left he asked if I would come to Germany to teach. I replied that my diaries were full for the next two and a half years but we would contact one another again. He never let up; our conversations continued, and when my time was up I packed my bag for a six week stint to speak in a foreign land.

Time for Europe

I had made a commitment; I believe in commitments. If you make a commitment you live it, otherwise you cause catastrophic conditions right throughout your family tribe. These are the results of the Law of Karma.

And so I journeyed throughout Europe and spoke about my years of training to literally thousands of people, who were astounded at my information. They couldn't believe that they were also a part of the scene. Then the professors wanted private tuition in understanding my mythical approach to life.

It was then that I realised I knew what most people didn't. My thoughts became more concise and I said to myself, "It must be able to be explained correctly. You do not have to prove yourself to anyone; if they are interested they want to hear of your ideas and listen to your explanations. It's how you've studied and passed your exams, and how it took years for you to bring the information together. That’s all you have to do: live your truth."

That gave me more confidence in myself and at the final lecture I said goodbye to Germany – thanking them for inviting me for the six weeks, only now it was time for me to return home.
There was an uproar! "You're not going anywhere! You're going to stay here and teach us and not leave us up in the air with this astounding knowledge!"

So once again I had suitcase in hand and began travelling. I was asked to work in 45 countries, and in the process I refurbished an old castle and turned it into a teaching Academy, where students from many different lands came and stayed. Thousands of people walked through the main hall into the grand ballroom, which was transformed into a seminar room. It could seat up to 200 students. That's where I stayed for years. The money came for me to run the Academy in its perfection.

I explained my teaching to thousands of Europeans from all walks of life, and again went up to explain to the Governments what the mystery of life is all about. The same story was repeating itself. Once again I taught them to "ask and you shall receive". So all of my information was accumulating and I could gently release it. I soon realised what was happening to me; it was also the story of the evolution of the planet; through understanding more regarding the field of astronomy, I came to the conclusion that what they were understanding regarding the evolution of the outer universes was also identical to what we are creating in our own mind right here and now. As they search the cosmos to understand how we have evolved, so are we collecting the educational knowledge to understand the inner cosmos of self!

Twelve years of information

Slowly, by accepting all my years of education, I realised: "MY GOD! THIS IS THE MASS CONSCIOUSNESS."

My specialist teachings leached out into the consciousness and changed other people’s lives. I had attracted hundreds who were of the educated mind: doctors, lawyers and professional people, and professors from around the universities. It took them a full year's training and more to understand this hidden language and where I was coming from. It took time for me to initiate them into the laws of metaphysics.

Now I have 6000 students in Europe who are now qualified and teach to their own level, of where they have accepted themselves. My certificates are accredited throughout the universities.

It's a no-nonsense game that lifts the planet beyond humanity’s recognition. I've had to live a life that not too many other humans have been game to step into through understanding the carriers of consciousness and just what this game of life is all about. We still have an immense amount of fear regarding the unknown and until we can learn to believe in ourselves, things will always remain the same.

I'm a consultant for many European businesses. They come to me for advice: "These are our plans for the company’s future. Can you please explain the results of our actions through the Collective?" And this is what I do.

I've just returned again after another four months in Europe and this time I was lecturing again to many groups from the business sector. This was to show people how they can get the best results from their actions instead of them all head-butting and climbing over one another.

We're here for a much grander plan than just making a success of one’s own business. You only have to read any of the money books to find out that all of those people that earned heaps of money accumulated it through believing in themselves, and educating themselves into understanding the myth; it was not by going out there and batting their head up against a brick wall. You don't earn it that way. You earn it through understanding yourself and believing in your passion. And that's where I am a teacher of explaining time, and how time works for you.

A selective membership

So this is what I do now. It's a selective membership of humanity that I speak to. Once we have crossed the bridge in regard to my name, we can settle down and enjoy one another’s company and conversation. I have earned my collective name through freeing my understanding, and I am extremely proud to wear it as my garment.

And now there are millions of people who are sick of their old ways and are searching for an alternative way to change their inner dictionary. There's nothing alternative about it, it's only through your ego announcing its control over your self that you think that this way of life is alternative. The word alternative, when released through the sacred codes, denotes that we have the chance to alter the native within.

We still haven't understood all the ancient stories as yet, or more importantly the language that they used at that time. My commitment is to show you another path to aligning one’s self. So let's understand the language of the past, and carry it forward to understand the codes in the Book of Revelations. Not too many of us are game to take that road less travelled. Well, I did, and as I recall it was sheer murder to begin with! I symbolically became Jesus on the cross, tearing away my old garments that had kept me secure for most of my life.
Link Through all of my old personalities, and my weaknesses which became my excuses, I had to find an inner strength to support the tremendous responsibility which I had set to become my challenge. I teach globally now, and I'm extremely proud of what I've accomplished. My children and grandchildren are proud of me too.

I just went out and did what I knew I had to do. If you would like to understand more of my information, please refer to
my page. There are ten books which explain step by step, from book 1 through to book 10, the complete journey to understanding and accepting yourself. Once you have overcome this hurdle, the world is yours.

I now understand how restricted my life was before I dared to step away from the crowd. Taking a step into the unknown, for me, made me realise that all of the information I have collected is in the in-known – as opposed to the unknown. So let us bring it up to the surface and become a divine being, instead of a human being.

Thank you, Andrew, for your questions, it has been a pleasure for me to answer them.