My husband Andrew, who began this blog in October 2007, died peacefully on September 3rd 2012, at the age of 83, after long and well-controlled illness culminating in a sudden, brief decline. I'll be posting pieces of his life writing and autobiographical reminiscences to his other blog, The Game of Life. This blog will be used for other material relevant to Andrew, beginning with the wonderful tributes to him which poured in after his death, both by email and on facebook. At some point this blog will become an archive, without further additions.— Rosemary Nissen-Wade

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Listen to the Wind

from "EARTH" by Barbara Marciniak published by Bear & Company Publishing, New Mexico.

IN this age of information, you are steered away from the natural sources of gathering knowledge for yourself. You have been sold the idea that television is a great source of information. This so-called tool has been touted as one of the greatest inventions of this century.  However, your media is owned and controlled by those who wish to keep you entertained and unaware. They peddle chosen versions of reality and completely ignore others.Television slows down your evolutionary process and limits you, especially as a young child. When you are young, early ipressions and imagination play a key role in how your life unfolds. Television keeps you in a very narrow band of emotional expression - basically chaos and fear. Today,more than ever before,  there exists a great campaign to sell televisions, to have free cable,  and to entice people to stay glued to the latest version of scandal and violence, as if what is broadcast is the most important issue at hand. Learn to observe how you feel if you watch television. It is a form of frequency control. This control is being tremendously accelerated as fear is being rapidly promoted all over the planet through television.

The large majority of people on Earth are being hypnotised by television right this moment. You are wasting your time with any kind of television watching.  It keeps you from life and acts as a substitute for experience, which is the primary way you learn. Some of you may say: 'Well, there ars some good programs on, and I only watch educational  shows.'  We ask you: 'What is being beamed over or under the "good programs" that you do not consciously see? If you insist on having a television in your home, keep it unplugged. Frequency waves are transmitted through your television even when you do not have it on.