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Sunday, 30 December 2007


Aristotle’s works on Ethics and Politics was designed to establish a practical science to guide ennobling government and Robert Pope can be now be considered to be one of the founding fathers of that science. Apart from such recognition emmanating recently from the School of Human Communications at Murdoch University, a London based scientific research institute has echoed similar sentiments.

The Santilli-Galilei Association of Science in London has posted a letter from Robert Pope dated 13th, Nov, 2007. The subject matter of this letter is about Pope’s Science-Art theories being developed in collaboration with the Science-art Department of the University of Florence.

The association of Pope and Robinson’s worldview outlines a Vision Physics that both his Science-Art Centre and that of the Florentine University have linked to quantum entanglement science. The Santilli - Galilei letter, posted on the Net, leaves little doubt that the methodology to generate rigorous human survival simulations, as a reflection of Aristotle’s vision of a pragmatic humanitarian science, is coming into focus.

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