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Saturday, 20 October 2007


(No, not THAT Pope!)

Further to my previous blog post, it seems important to mention that Robert Pope is linked to other scientists with similar ideas.

A research group in the USA has been publishing for some time about 'Avoiding Extinction' through a science of fractal evolution. Several years ago this group recognised Professor Robert Pope as Australia's leading philosopher in this field of endeavour.

They argue along the same lines as the Max Plank Institute's astrophysicist Professor Peter Kafka, who is quoted in my interview with Pope. They express the opinion that unless we understand the fractal basis of evolution, then the science we have can only accelerate civilization toward extinction.

Dr Bruce H Lipton, a former professor at the Johns Hopkins University, America's first research university, is a cell biologist and the proponent of a new theory of biological evolutionary science, 'Fractal Evolution'. Dr Lipton has collaborated on biological research with Theodore D. Hall Ph.D. a former college professor and the author of the book Avoiding Extinction, about fractal evolution.

Professor Pope tells me that in early 1994, Dr. Lipton posed the (obviously rhetorical) question: 'Darwinism is not scientific. So why is it still our orthodox evolutionary science?'

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